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Agricultural Competiveness Programme (ACP)
The Agricultural Competiveness Programme is an IDB/GOJ project that focuses on facilitating the linkage of the primary productive sector with the marketing chain with the view of generating value added through market access and export promotion through three main components; they are Market access and market linkages development Food quality and safety management systems Agri-Business Value Chain Development.


Sugar Transformation Programme
The project entails the implementation of the Revised Sugar Adaptation Strategy Phase II to include (1) the development of a sustainable private sector-led sugar cane industry; (2) strengthening of the economic, social and environmental resilience of Sugar Dependent Areas/communities (SDAs); and (3) creation of an enabling policy environment to allow the sugar cane sector to prosper. Its major goal is to modernize and transform the sugar industry, enhancing competiveness in the industry while addressing social needs.


Agro-Parks Development
The project aims to support the development of a modern, efficient, internationally competitive and sustainable agricultural sector - opening and expanding domestic and international market access and opportunities for Jamaican products.


Diversification of the Caribbean Livestock through the Production of Small Ruminants 
The project aims at improving the production, productivity and quality of small ruminants’ meat and the availability of breeding stock in order to enhance the income and food security of small scale mutton and chevron farmers and meat processors in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. Its major goal is to contribute to the attainment of self- sufficiency in regional meat consumption initially through the development of the small ruminant industry in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.


Enhancing Resilience of the Agricultural Sector and Coastal Areas to Protect Livelihoods and Improve Food Security
This project is a GOJ/Adaptation Fund that will assist in building Jamaica’s adaptive capacity in accordance with the objectives of Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan and Jamaica’s Second National Communication on Climate Change. The project will involve water harvesting and management; erosion and flood control and techniques which improve soil moisture retention. In addition, capacity building interventions will be undertaken to complement the establishment of these infrastructures and will involve training of communities in disaster risk management, natural resource management techniques and climate change adaptation.
The primary objective of the programme is to increase livelihoods, security of the population in the targeted communities and to increase the overall climate resilience of the agricultural sector. The Project completion date has been extended from March 2016 to December 2017.


Farm Roads Project
This project aims to provide improved direct access to an estimated 11,506 farmers island wide for the “Farms to market” transportation of farm produce, while also catering to the commute for the general public and the surrounding communities. This project is being implemented by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, main provider of agricultural extension service for the Ministry.


Jamaica Banana Accompanying Measures (JBAM) Project
The Jamaica Banana Accompanying Measures Project seeks to increase banana and plantain production yield by 30% within four years from 2011, to reduce the
Sigatoka and Moko Disease incidence such that the above average leaf age 5.0 and Moko disease below 5% of plants infected and increase the volume sales of input supplies per farmer by 30%. Its major goal is to combat poverty and improve revenue in the banana dependent areas through improving the productivity and resilience of small farmers and strengthening the link between small farmers and markets. The expected completion date for this project is September 2017.


Production Incentives Programme
This project aims to support farmers within the Long Pond and Hampden sugar-growing areas with the transportation of harvested canes to factories in St. Catherine, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth as well as to mitigate the effects of drought conditions on agricultural production in drought-prone parishes. This project is being implemented by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, main provider of agricultural extension service for the Ministry


Promoting Community Based Climate Resilience in the Fisheries Sector
This project aims to support Jamaica in the preparation of the proposed Promoting Community Based Climate Resilience in the Fisheries Sector, which aims to enhance community-based climate resilience among targeted fishing and fish farming communities.

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The Ministry

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) has been charged with the responsibility of driving the integration of the production of primary agricultural produce along all the stages of the supply chain through to value added and facilitating full commercialization of outputs of the agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors.

We have, therefore, placed much energy and enthusiasm into the development of this website to provide timely information on the Ministry, our agencies and programmes.


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