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Shaw tells young farmers to make use of available market opportunities

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May 2019

Ebony 2: Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Audley Shaw (centre), shares a light moment with students of the St. Catherine High School at an open day at the HEART Trust/NTA Ebony Park Academy in Toll Gate, Clarendon, on May 10.

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 14 May 2019    communications   

Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Audley Shaw, is urging young farmers to make use of available opportunities both locally and internationally to market their products.
Local markets identified by Mr. Shaw include: hotels and supermarkets while international markets include: the Diaspora, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and “third-country international markets”.
“There is no shortage of opportunities, think outside of the box,” he said, addressing students, at an open day, at the HEART Trust/ NTA Ebony Park Academy in Toll Gate, Clarendon, on May 10.
Mr. Shaw emphasized that the goal of the Government will be to expand production in the agriculture sector in order to serve the local and export markets.
However, to achieve this goal will require the necessary action to address the challenges confronting the sector such as climate change.
“As farmers in training, you have felt the impact of climate change, which has resulted in an increase in the number of pests and diseases. We are looking to you, younger farmers to lead the way to developing and implementing solutions to these threats,” he said.
The Minister commended Ebony Park, which occupies 500 acres of land “as the leading HEART Trust/NTA institution for training and certification in agriculture”.
“You have been leading the charge in growing what you eat and eating what you grow. Through the cultivation of various crops and the rearing of animals, you have been able to feed yourself but even more importantly you contribute to Jamaica’s food security and this is commendable,” he said.
For his part, Director and Principal of Ebony Park, Collie Clarke said the school will be using technology to improve and modernize agricultural practices.
This will include the use of rainwater harvesting to irrigate crops and the development of a modernized piggery and poultry farm.
Held under the theme, “Making Agriculture and Hospitality Your Reality,” the open day showcased a number of the activities undertaken by the Clarendon-based institution such as agriculture and hospitality.

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